Animals play a big part in humans lives - it is no surprise that some infectious diseases are able to spread between animals and humans. This past year has been a brutal flu season for everyone, which begs the question… Can my dog get the flu? 


Can Dogs Get The Flu? 


Yes. Dogs are most susceptible to canine influenza, a contagious respiratory disease that causes common 'human flu' symptoms (cough, runny nose, fever).  


Can Dogs Get The Flu From Me? 


It is possible that your dog can catch the flu from you, however it is extremely unlikely that it will. While the human flu shares similar symptoms with the common cold, rest assured that your dog will not get the flu from yourself or someone in the house. The flu is species-specific, thanks to evolution. Believe it or not, it is actually beneficial on an emotional level to have your dog curled up with you in bed if you are home sick with the flu.  



What Is Canine Influenza? 

The dog flu, also known as Canine Influenza, is a respiratory infection like the human condition. Symptoms of the dog flu are similar to the human flu. Your dog may experience a lingering cough that last from ten to thirty days, they may start sneezing, become feverish, and discharge may come from your dog’s eyes and nose. Your pet will most likely be prescribed an antibiotic or other medicine to treat the canine influenza.  


How To Take Care Of Your Dog 


You obviously want to take care of your sick dog, but you may not know how to. Taking care of your sick dog is similar to taking care of a sick child. 


If you do suspect that your dog is sick, it is best to contact your vet for advice on how to proceed. Sick animals should always be examined by a vet, this is to help determine the cause and begin the treatment. One of the things that your vet might suggest is to make sure that your pup is getting plenty of rest, as this is vital to your dog’s recovery. This should be something easy for your dog to do, as they most likely won’t be feeling the greatest. Luckily the virus won’t pass from dogs to humans, so don’t worry about giving him all the love and care he needs and let him know you are there for him.  


If your dog does go to a doggy day care during the day while you are at work, it is best to work with your vet and let them know the best way to deal with this. It is best to wait until your pet is healthy and it is safe to be around other animals, this means no visits to the dog park until they are healthy.  


Helpful Tips To Protect From Germs 


 you should still take measures to protect yourself from all kinds of germs: 

  • Wash your hands after handling your pets and any of their bodily fluids or secretions. 
  • Keep their food bowls and sleeping areas clean. Clean cats' litter boxes regularly and wear plastic gloves when handling stools. 
  • Get the yearly flu vaccination to protect you and your family. 
  • Keep your immune system strong by eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep.